Riding the Escalator and Avoiding the Elevator

Riding the Escalator and Avoiding the Elevator

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“Markets ride the escalator on the way up and ride the elevator on the way down”

That is an old market maxim that has rung true on countless occasions, throughout various market cycles.

This long term chart of the S&P 500 Index illustrates this perfectly. The S&P 500 took 5 years to climb from 500 in 1996 to peak at around 1552 in mid-2000. However in only 2 years the Index had fallen 50% from the top before it finally bottomed. From that point the Index took another 5 years before peaking again in September 2007 at 1576. By the time the GFC had finished wreaking havoc on the markets, the Index had fallen 58% in a period of 18 months!

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While the reasons for such swift falls are varied and sometimes have as much to do with psychology than finance, we believe that the importance of these kinds of drawdowns should be in the front of every investor’s minds. For these drawdowns can be quite harmful to returns and potentially set portfolios back many years.

However this does not mean that you should live in constant fear that the markets (and hence your portfolio) will fall precipitously.

What should an investor do?

We cannot predict with any certainty what markets will do on any given day or at some point in the future. However we can be prepared by being aware of the potential risks and managing for them.

Most of the harrowing falls in markets over the years did not just happen overnight. Traders did not come into the office one morning and just say “OK let’s tank this market!” Doubts and fears had usually begun to creep into the markets a while before the first meaningful falls.

And that’s how we look to assist our clients here at M3. We are in the markets day in day out and usually have a good feel for the mood in the markets. And we try to identify the risks that are brewing under the surface. Our awareness of these market risks helps us to adjust portfolios accordingly.

Event risks

Whilst some events are truly unforeseeable some are actually quite well telegraphed in advance. Elections, earnings reports, economic data and central bank meetings are just one of the many events where we know in advance the timing. We may not know the content or the outcome of these events, however we do know that they have the potential to move the market up or down.

And, at times, these foreseeable risk events are binary in nature and often asymmetric in impact. The most recent Brexit referendum is one example of a binary market event with asymmetric impacts. Even before the vote most market participants felt that a Brexit would have a larger and more sustained negative impact while the positivity from Bremain would be a comparatively limited relief spike (unchartered waters vs. maintaining the status quo). Knowing this, the prudent course of action for an investor could have been to adopt a defensive mindset heading into the vote, while an aggressive mindset may require strict contingency strategies to be prepared for either outcome.

We believe prudent management of portfolios and contingency strategies are very important, when heading into major risk events or when downside risks are prevalent, in order to minimise the impact of potential drawdowns.

The investment professionals at M3 are here to help you make the prudent decisions which can improve the chances of portfolios riding the escalator but avoiding the elevator.



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