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The most common detractor from investment success in the share market is often human emotion

Investment Decisions

The most common detractor from investment success in the share market is often human emotion which can lead to investor bias, attachment, and clouded judgements which impact investment decisions.

Separating Noise from Reality

The second most common hindrance is the constant deluge of data and news flowing from all parts of the world and the difficulty in separating noise from reality. It is essential to interpret the right pieces of data in ways that will result in profitable investment decisions.

Sophisticated Technology

We solve these problems by using technology. The M3 mission is to improve on proven processes, learn from the decades worth of stock market and financial data we have access to, and build the most sophisticated technologies that generate consistent and meaningful investment returns.

Quant Strategies

The M3 quant analysts, data scientists and portfolio managers have collaborated together to build 4 main quantitative screens that enable us to consistently deliver actionable investment opportunities to our clients. We call them Gen, Leo, Sensus and Ven.

Gen, Leo, Sensus and Ven

Gen | Fundamentals

Gen is our fundamental screener which updates on an intra-second basis and has been programmed to rank, score and assign a confidence level to every stock in the ASX. It does this based on the set categories of Growth, Valuation and Profitability, which then leads to a multitude of subset categories. Gen uses a combination of algorithms to identify the most undervalued companies in each sector.

Leo | Technical & Momentum

Leo is our technical and momentum model which we have programmed to identify exact entry points for our opportunities. Leo functions using an algorithm which interprets on an intra-second basis the price action and volume data of every stock on the ASX. This algorithm incorporates a significant subset of data points to create a technical analysis of our opportunities. Leo then monitors the algorithm output in real time and alerts us the instant an entry point is identified.

Sensus | Sentiments

Sensus is our sentiment and economic gauge which allows us to monitor sector strength, domestic and global market strength and track data points to predict possible inflexion points in market cycles. Multiple algorithms power Sensus: 72 data points are constantly tracked and interpreted to predict sector outperformance, while 125 data points are used to gauge economic health and predict potential peaks and troughs. Sensus is important in determining cash levels in our portfolios and is essential to our risk management.

Ven | Sell Indicator

Ven is our sell indicator which has been programmed to identify exact exit points for our opportunities. As soon as an opportunity is purchased by M3, Ven begins to monitor that specific stock on an intra-second basis. Ven is powered by an algorithm that utilises the intelligence of Gen and Leo to determine when a stock has become overvalued and/or technically extended. It identifies when to sell and partial-sell an opportunity.

Artificial Intelligence | M4

Our Machine Learning Algorithm

This leads us to M4, our Artificial Intelligence algorithm that drives our investment decisions. M4 has been programmed using the intelligence of Gen, Leo, Sensus and Ven and has been trained on substantial data sets with the objective of delivering meaningful returns from the stock market. It has been designed to learn from each trading decision it makes to improve performance over time.

  • M4 eliminates emotions from investing
  • M4 processes and interprets data with the highest efficiency
  • M4 is our edge in the stock market